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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  May 25, 2014 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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budget. >> do you like it or not? >> there's passionate devotion to dr. pepper so yes. >> the container store. why do you like it? >> married couples need to store their goosd. it's a great >> we use a lot of containers in our house. >> that's it for forbes. have a wonderful memorial day weekend. stay tuned. eric is next. >> they went to war for us. now our government is waging war on our veterans as the va scandal explodes. president obama says he found out about it by watching the news. well, we've got some more breaking news for you mr. president. we dug up some dirt on the va. it's a cashin in expose you won't want to miss. plus global warmers warning national monuments could be washed away because of climate change. how these ridiculous scare tactics could wash our tax dollars down the river. and then. from the picket line to a jail
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cell. fast food protestors arrested for wreaking havoc while asking for higher wages. how they're crushing the people say they they're trying to help. cashin in firing up your memorial day weekend starts right now. >> hi, everyone, i'm eric bolling. welcome to cashing in. wayne rogers, jonathan, michelle fields and juan williams. welcome in everybody. as we celebrate memorial day the obama administration is under fire for treating our heros like zeros. our veterans are suffering and dying because of government incompetence. i received a call from a republican congresswoman that alert med to the fact that the va was highly unionized. that set off bells and alarms in my head. so we did a little digging here and here's what we found. nearly 8 in 10 va workers are unionized. that came as a complete shock to me and everyone watching right now.
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no one is talking about the union angle to this va scandal. is this a big reason why our vets are being mistreated? >> absolutely. unions are standing in the way of real reform happening at the va. they keep saying well it's because we need more money. well, we need more staff. that's not the case at all. it's them. they are the problem. they are the one who is are standing in the way of real reform and they are the ones who are not allowing things to happen. that's it. plain and simple. >> and wayne, you know, when you think about the va scandal, our veterans are dying on a wait list and whatnot and when you think about a union, unions typically aren't in a big rush to get the job done, are they? >> no and not only that eric. this was known about for a number of years. that's the part that's really startling. the president talked about it. he knew about it. he knew about it when he was running for president. he knew this kind of thing was going on and he did nothing about it. >> what about this union angle. we're shocked to find that 78% of all va workers are unionized.
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i mean, do we really -- do they really need to be unionized and is that part of the problem? is that why it's taking some of our veterans so long to get health care? >> this very been unionized fair long time eric. government has a high rate of unionization and i don't see how that's related to the on going problems here. what we got is a scandal in which somebody was keeping secret lists in terms of giving service to people. quality isn't the issue. access is the issue and it seems to me like you want to beat up on unions. i don't get it. what do union versus to do with it. >> to quote juan williams, i can't believe what i'm hearing. i mean, i think quality is of some interest to all of those people that died as a result of the scandal. >> nobody died. >> do you have any evidence that anybody died? zero. >> oh my gosh, juan. >> we have too many vets to begin with. we treat our soilders like sacrifices. we have been more worried for years about what they think
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about us rather than keeping our kids healthy, safe and bringing them home. but i think to wayne and michelle's point, what is the va? the va is socialized medicine. the government owns, finances, runs the whole thing. that's why unions have grown. >> jonathan, you have to realize the va's ratings are higher than private sector hospitals and health care. >> let me us -- >> they get good treatment. >> juan, put yourself in their shoes. you'd rather go to the va than the mayo clinic? is that what i'm hearing? >> that's the champagne of all health care in the world. >> what are you doing? >> give them vouchers. >> this is a very good discussion. have to move on to the second part of this topic because it's amazing. as outraged as we are about our vets dying while waiting for
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health care, almost as outrageous is the claim that he heard about the va problems from listening to the news. watch. >> i heard on the news. >> i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about this. >> when did the president find out about the department of justices subpoenas for the associated press. >> he found out about the news reports yesterday. >> when was the president first made aware of these problems? >> we learned about them through the reports. >> all right, juan, am i supposed to believe that the leader of the free world, the most powerful man on the planet is finding out about all of these things because he's watching fox or whatever channel he watches. >> yeah, i hope he's watching fox. how is he supposed to know? >> how is he supposed to know? >> wait. hold on. >> how is he supposed to know? >> how did president bush learn about the scandal at walter
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reid. >> is he going to find out about the next terrorist attack when he watches the video on tv. >> that's a good point, eric. how did president bush find out about the 9/11 attacks? someone came and whispered in his ear. >> 13 years ago and allegedly spent trillions of dollars and allegedly president obama said we're winning the war on terror. if he's finding out about this stuff on tv we ain't winning squat. >> how is he supposed to know? it's his job to know. he is the commander and chief. i just got stuck these last couple of days when he was clogging it up for a fund-raising trip here in chicago. it's his job to know. the president is the commander and chief and if he was forward thinking a little bit he would think about giving these vetds and heros vouchers and let them purchase the health care they want rather than having to go to the va which you apparently love which i heard from many vets on twitter they say the service is
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atrocious. >> he ran on this, fixing the va. going back to the unions, americans don't realize but there are hundreds of people that work at the va, make six figure salaries and they do nothing for veterans. 100% of their time is spent working on union related things. why are unions helping out the -- >> let me get wayne -- wayne has been very -- >> you're hurting your case by going off this way. >> go ahead, wayne. >> two things. maybe they didn't hear me. i said that the president knew about this long beforehand. he knew about this when he was running for president. so all of this conversation about him not knowing and finding out on the news is a lot of bs. >> why are they doing it? why does he stand up there and look at the camera and tell the american people we didn't know? >> why does the president say you can keep your doctor, period? you can keep your plan. medical plan.
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yeah, period. why because he's lying? we have documented 36 lies. he's a politician. he's a great speaker. we know that. he's a gifted speaker and therefore he can use that to fool the american people and by the way most people don't listen to us. they listen to him. >> why is that, juan? why is wayne 100% right on that. they're looking in the camera and telling us fabrications directly? >> you know, i feel like i'm down with rabbit hole with you guys. the fact is we have a scandal here because there was a secret list. there was no secret list in '08. it was lack of quick access for veterans to get in the system. >> they told obama and biden they were cooking the books. >> we have a new scandal. i hate to break it to you. watch fox news. >> let me hear, michelle, go ahead. >> obama and biden were briefed about this. they were told not to believe any of the information coming from the vas. that they were cooking the books so you're lying juan or you have the wrong information. >> nobody knew there were secret
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lists. >> yes, they did. >> >> go ahead john. >> it's a function of the entity of self-. we documented i don't know how of these bureaucracies, waste of taxpayer money left and right. the only group that would be hurt by privatizing some of the care of our heroic soldiers are the unions. they're the ones benefitted. >> i have to tell you guys, we have to leave it there but this union angle is absolutely stunning and outrageous. i can't believe it. but, you know what, you can continue the conversation on twitter. right now, #cashin in. trending 17 weeks in a row. check these out. ron writes obama says people will be held accountable at the va. right just like benghazi, irs, nsa, fast and furious, nobody is held accountable ever. >> and funny how carny, obama
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a scene out of a horror flick or glimpse into our future. some scientist warning this could soon be a new reality. a new report on climate change claims rising seas are putting our national landmarks at risk. but listen to what john kerry said earlier this week. >> supposing i'm wrong or scientists are wrong, 97% of them, all wrong. supposing they are, what's the worst that can happen? >> so jonathan, what's the worst that can happen if they get their way? >> that line is positively evil. what's the worse that can happen if we sacrifice everybody's lives today for a prediction that may not happen. meanwhile all of these prediction versus been false. in the late 70s the new york times were writing articles about how rising seas would wipe
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out coastal cities. these predictions have been around since it was called the ecology movement in the 50s. you can't point to any place on earth where there's been any catastrophic harm to mankind. but it isn't helping mankind. it's hurting mankind and helping nature along the way. kerry should be ignored. >> ignored but wayne i can't believe he was like if we're wrong so what. we're talking billions of dollars and jobs at risk. >> that's the big problem is that they are -- they are willing to take this short-term, you know, over geological periods of time, the earth is actually cooled in the last ten years but has warmed in the last 100 years. now you go back and say 200 years, 1,000 years and the cycles that go. they don't know. they said in 2007, by 2013 the arctic would be ice free. there would be no ice. it increased over 500,000 square miles in the last year. so these predictions, they don't know. >> right. and juan, the point is that they
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don't know and they're willing to risk a lot of money and a lot of jobs and maybe as john kerry said, we might be wrong. who cares. >> well, let me ask you something. do we prepare for war? do we prepare for catastrophe and if we know that our industries, our economy could be adversely impacted by weather change, climate change, why wouldn't be we taking precautions, especially since the scientific community is almostnanimous on it. governor brown out in california, what did governor brown say? there's no doubt at this point with all the wildfires, all the trouble. the drought. >> michelle, is our economy more at risk because of climate change or because of the money that they're going to waste on preventing or doing whatever they're going to do with the client m climate. >> exactly. the government is taking our money to fight you can't fight. humans have been able to adapt o
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climate change for thousands of years and all of a sudden the idiots in washington think that suddenly human beings can't adapt to it. they want to take our money, destroy our economy and industries. the epa is now the fourth branch of government. they're destroying businesses at a time when we need jobs right now. >> when you say idiots in washington, you didn't mean juan williams i assume. you meant the lawmakers. >> no comment. >> he said to compare the war against climate change with real war. one that actually harms people. and i'll give into this. let's say that all of this industry use has raised temperatures 1 degree over the last 100 years. would you give up all of that industrialization. would you give up all the productive? all the lives it's saved? so that the temperature would rise a half a percent. putman's life first. nature will take care of itself.
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>> we've seen three ice ages where the ice came down almost to the equator. we know that they were one time tropical. so the earth is going through all kinds of changes that have nothing to do with what man is doing. approximate they're talking about dumping co2 into the atmosphere. there's probably damage there but that can be mitigated without losing jobs. >> and the biggest emitter of methane, co2 is? we'll leave it there. these union backed (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program
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senators in ukraine, we're there to monitor the elections.
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join us. some fast food protesters getting arrest. unions say hiking the minimum wage will help young people make more money, but take a look at this ad even president clinton turned down big wage hikes. even clinton knew raising the minimum wage wasn't a great idea. >> it's not a great idea. not only that, it takes its toll in many places. for example, all of the fast food places on army bases and things like that, part of that men goes to charity. they cannot exist with a raise. they said if it's a $10 raise, we're going to have to close all of these places. it's for the benefit of our armed forces. it's outrageous. >> michelle, any good reason to raise the minimum wage? by the way, a federally mandated minimum wage is never a good
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idea. >> not at all. those jobs are mostly for young pele. half of all young people with minimum wage jobs are under 25 years old. a quarter of them are teenagers. the unemployment rate for young people is 15%. these people need jobs. if you raise the minimum wage, you're going to price out these young people because their labor is not work $15 an hour and you're going to prevent them from getting the experience and life lessons to have a job. to have a career. >> now, you love to pat bill clinton on the back for all his economic successes, the job creation et cetera, the unemployment rate, those things, but he was smart enough to say no. we're not going to raise the minimum wage. >> you know what? he had a boom. he had a dot com boom. i think what we see now is a housing bust and a deep recession. rising income inequality in this country and lots of people having to take service sector
9:54 am
jobs that pay minimum wage that don't allow them the tupt to support a family, so just sustain a good life. and that's why there's more political pressure now for raising the minimum wage. wayne is right. it can have some negative impact on some jobs, but the fact is as michelle points out, over 50% of these people are not teenagers. they're not kids. these are people who are trying to support families and can't make it on the meager amount of money being offered by some of these -- >> let's -- let's bring some free market sanity to the discussion, john, please. >> well, looked at the data. clinton kept rejecting the minimum wage hike. his unemployment was low and stayed low for years. bush to his great discredit raised the minimum wage. it hasn't stopped since. higher minimum wage not only results in less jobs, but in less income because employment
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overall declines. work hours decline, so there is no benefit as every economist knows, there's no such thing as a free lunch. the unions support it because it helps them. a lot of them are linked to minimum wage and by raises the price on people, they price them out of the mark. >> we've got to go, but juan, you can respond. reran out of time. we're going to say thanks mine was earned in korea in 1953. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. ecause it offers a superior level of protecon. and because usaa'commitment to serve current and former military members andheir families is without equal.
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wayne, you're up first. >> everybody took a look at at&t and they acquired directv. that's a big boost for them and not only that, what i love about it is they pay an extra 5%. >> nice dividend play. john? what have you got? >> norwegianen cruise lines, eric. all isaac said was, but i'm looking at for >> thanks very joining us, but before we go on this memorial day weekend, we remember our heroes who put their loives on the line so we can all be free. take a minute to thank a service member. buy them a beer, buy them a lunch and take a minute to keep this discussion going about our marine who's being held in a mexican prison because while he sits and awaits our president's help, mr. obama's been very busy, but not very helpful. the president attends his 24th
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